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201 Sparkling Chambourcin comes with a resealable "cork"

Rather than using traditional cork or crown seals, 201 is excited to be bottling our 2009 Sparkling Chambourcin using a brand new Australian innovative - the Zork SPK closure.

It is an invention which is superior to other types of sparkling wine closures for the following reasons:-
  • it is easy to open by hand, without the need for a bottle opener;
  • it is resealable, preserving the wine's sparkle for longer;
  • it eliminates the possibility of cork taint which can compromise the wine;
  • it allows the bottle to be reused for other household purposes;
  • it is 100% recycleable, further reducing landfill waste; and
  • it has a carbon footprint up to 40% less than cork and muselet.
For further information on the Zork SPK closure, please refer to the Zork website.